Long Time Passing

This 21ST century edition of the classic on the impact of the Vietnam War on Americans reintroduces the haunted voices of the Vietnam era to a new generation of readers. In an illuminating introduction, Myra MacPherson reflects on what has changed, and what hasn’t, in the years since these interviews were conducted, explains the key points of reference from that era, and brings the stories of her principal characters up-to-date. The original best selling Long Time Passing was the first mass trade book to examine Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); sadly now a household phrase as continuing wars bring more sorrows.

MacPherson’s best selling book on the effects of Vietnam on the generation asked to fight that war was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and was a finalist in the Los Angeles Times Book Awards. It has had numerous updated printings.

More than a decade after it’s publication in 1985, Arnold R. Isaacs, noted authority on Vietnam, author of Vietnam Shadows, wrote “Any approach to the subject of Vietnam’s aftermath must begin with Myra MacPherson’s ground breaking book. Her book, among the first to break the long national silence on the war, remains one of the most moving and important works on the Vietnam bookshelf.”